Parler Social Going Public Might Make Optio the Biggest Web3 Project in Years

Is Parler Going Public

It’s been a few years since Parler Social made big waves in the world of social media. Launched in 2018 as a free speech-focused social media platform, they quickly gained popularity among users seeking an alternative to mainstream networks, emphasizing minimal content moderation and user privacy. Despite the best efforts of some, including temporary removal from major app stores in early 2021, Parler Social has evolved by relaunching on a hyper-scaled private cloud ( using their own hardware and software.

With more than 17 million users, Parler Social is not just re-entering the social media scene; it’s also preparing to go to the public market. This move signals a new chapter for the platform, emphasizing its growth and renewed commitment to innovation.

Parler Social Integrates with the Optio Blockchain

Parler Social is working on the integration of blockchain technology to enhance data security, user autonomy, and reward mechanisms. This will ensure that their community will remain an essential part of the digital world forever. The platform remains dedicated to open dialogue and community building, ensuring resilience against cancel culture. The Parler Social platform will also be Web3 enabled and integrated with the Optio blockchain. (

The Optio blockchain will be supported by six fully integrated Oracle applications, each playing a pivotal role in their ecosystem. These applications, developed by dedicated teams known as Oracles, ensure the provision of validated and trusted data, which is crucial for the daily distribution of Optio tokens. The Oracles not only enhance the functionality and reach of the Optio network but also contribute significantly to its robustness and reliability, making it a leading choice for users and developers alike.

Is Parler Social Going Public?

Parler Social is now exploring options with a SPAC at a $1.5B valuation. Compared to Truth Social (approximately $6B valuation), which doesn’t own its cloud hosting or streaming platforms, Parler Social is taking a very conservative approach with their initial valuation. Parler Social might even be the alternative that appeals to a wider range of investors, including those who aren’t ardent Trump supporters.

Get Involved Early and Be Rewarded

As Parler Social gears up for its global expansion and going public, Talk Crypto is thrilled to announce an exclusive, limited-time pre-sale opportunity for Web3 enthusiasts and influencers. Join Parler Social and Optio’s node program and play a pivotal role in fortifying their blockchain infrastructure. Not only will you contribute to the future of decentralized technology, but you’ll also earn rewards for your participation. Don’t miss out, visit now to learn more about the Optio Node Program and secure your node!

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